Diploma Control of Electrical Machines Important Questions – Unit 1

Diploma Control of Electrical Machines Important Questions

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Subject : Control of Electrical Machines    Scheme : M

Unit – 1, Control circuit components


  1. The highlighted Questions are asked more than two times in the Board Exam
  2. These Questions are collected from Board Examination Question Papers.

2/3 marks questions.

  1. Draw the diagram of electronic timer.
  2. Compare ON delay OFF delay timer.
  3. Write brief notes on latching delay.
  4. What is frequency response delay?
  5. What is zero speed switch and where it is used?
  6. What is meant by automatic control of a motor?
  7.  Name the types of push button switches used in the control circuits.
  8. Write the use of limit switches.
  9. Draw the block diagram of ECKO proximity switch.
  10. What is sequence interlock?
  11. Write the uses of float switch.
  12. What is the necessity of interlocking in drives?
  13. What is single phasing?
  14. What is the function of pressure switch in air compressor?
  15. List out any our switches used in control circuits.

10 marks questions.

  1. Explain the operation of dash pot oil filled relay with neat diagram.
  2. Explain the remote control operation of drives.
  3. Draw the control circuit of electrical interlocks and mechanical interlocks and explain briefly.
  4. Explain the working of magnetic time relay.
  5. With a neat sketch, explain the principle of operation of pneumatic timer.
  6. Explain the circuit diagram the principle of operation single phasing preventer.
  7. Explain the construction and working of latching relays.
  8. Draw and explain the principle of operation of electronic timer.
  9. Explain (i) limit switches & (ii) pressure switches
  10. Explain the constructional details of solenoid type contractor with neat sketch.

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