Diploma Industrial Engineering and Management Important Questions Unit 1

Diploma Industrial Engineering and Management Important Questions Unit 1

Industrial Engineering and Management

M Scheme

Two / Three Marks

Unit 1 – Plant Engineering and Plant Safety

1. Define Plant

   Plant is a place  where men, materials, money, equipment, machine are brought together  for manufacturing.

2. What is plant layout?

   Plant layout is deciding or selecting a suitable location, area, and place for locating a plant.

3. Mention the factors to be considered for selecting a site

· Nearness top raw material.

· Land

· Transport facilities

· Availability of labour.

· Availability of fuel and power.

· Availability of water.

· Waste disposal.

· Financial and government concessions.

· Other factors

4. List few objectives of good plant layout

· Material handling and transportation should be minimum.

· Raw materials and semi finished goods should move from one place to another.(Eliminate bottle necks and congestion.)

· Suitable place should be allocated for every production centre.

· Movement of the workers should be minimum.

· No stoppage of work due to non arrival of semi finished goods.

5. What are the principles of Plant layout?

· Principle of integration.

· Principle of minimum movement and handling.

· Principle of material flow.

· Principle of cubic space utilization.

· Principle of safe environment.

· Principles of flexibility

6. What are the different types of plant layout?

     There are three different types of plant layout

       1. Process Layout or Functional layout

       2. Product layout or line layout

       3. Fixed layout  or Constant position layout

7. What are the techniques to improve plant layout?

     The techniques to improve plant layout are

      1. Flow diagram

      2. String diagram

      3. Templates

      4. Models

8. What is flow diagram and string diagram?

    Flow Diagram

    · Flow diagram shows the path of movement of the materials.

    · By studying the flow diagram the unwanted material movement, back tracking and congestion is found out.

   String Diagram

    · String diagram shows the movement of the worker.

    · It shows the total distance travelled by the worker.

    · By analyzing string diagram the unwanted movement of the worker is found out.

9. Explain Templates

    · Templates are 2 dimensional pieces made of cardboard or plastics.

     · Templates are made to scales (1:50)

     · Templates show the floor area, machine, trolley, trucks and equipments.

     · In templates the outline plan of the shop floor is drawn in a drawing sheet.

     · Templates are used for easily identifying the machines.

10. What are Models?

     · These are the 3 dimensional scale models of equipments or machines.

     · Models are made of wood or plastics.

     · Models are improving a layout used in templates.

     · Most helpful to plan for the overhead (top) material handling equipments like cranes, hoists etc.

Diploma Industrial Engineering and Management Important Questions
Diploma Industrial Engineering and Management Important Questions

11. Explain Break down maintenance

      · In this method the machine is allowed to run without maintenance.

      · Maintenance is done only the machine gets repair and is set right.

      · Next maintenance is done only when the machine breaks down again.

      · Suitable for small scale industries.

12. What are the causes of Breakdown of a machine?

      · Failure to replace worn out parts.

      · Neglecting lubrication.

      · Neglecting cooling system.

      · Violating towards minor repairs.

13. What is Industrial accidents?

       Industrial accidents are defined as the unfortunate events happen in a industry which causes physical damages to the worker

14. What are the causes of Industrial accidents?

      1. Unsafe conditions in workplace

      2. Unsafe acts by workers

      3. Environmental factors

      4. Personal factors of a worker

15. What is accident proneness

The People who meet with accident often even they try to avoid they are called the accident proneness people

16. What are the plans for preventing industrial accidents?

     1. Layout of work place.

     2. Access to work place.

     3. Machinery.

     4. Flow if material through shop

     5. Storage of materials

17. Define Industrial Disputes.

      In industries, Disputes or differences may arrive between employer and employee (or) between employees (clash of personalities).

18. Mention the different types of settlements of Industrial Disputes.

     1. Collective bargaining

     2.  Conciliation

     3. Mediation

     4. Arbitration

19. What is collective bargaining?

      Collective Bargaining is the first step in the process of settlement of industrial disputes between employer and Employee. Representative of employer ans employee sit together and discuss their problems.

20. Define Conciliation.

      · It is a process by which discussion between employees and employer take place in the presence of conciliator(Third party)

      · Conciliator is a government officer.

      · He will analyze the problems and sends report to the government if the dispute again fails

21. What is Mediation?

      · Mediation is a process where, third party attempts to mediate between employee and employer.

      · The third party may be  MLA (or) MP or public figure

22. Explain Arbitration

      · Arbitrator may be fixed by the parties (or) by government.

      · He listens about the dispute and gives his judgment.

      · If the judgment is not satisfied by the union (or) management the dispute may move to        


23. What is Process layout?

      · This layout is suitable for batch production, or job order production.

        · This layout is also called as functional layout.

      · In this layout, group of machines are kept in one place.

      · Variety of batch type production will be done at different work centers.

24. What is Product layout?

      · This layout is suitable for mass production.

      · This layout is also called as line layout.

      · In this layout the machines are arranged as per the sequence of operation (arranged in a single line.)

      · The production will run by the arrangement of machines

25. What is break down Maintenance?

    In this method the machines is allowed to run without maintenance, maintenance can be done when the machine stops running or breakdown.

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