Design and Fabrication of Agricultural Rotary Weeder

Design and Fabrication of Agricultural Rotary Weeder


Weed plant competes with crop plant for soil nutrients, moisture, light and space, thereby reducing the production and increasing cost of maintaining the farm. Many methods of weed control (Mechanical, chemical, cultural, biological) have been tried with varied degrees of success but our traditional farmers cannot adapt them due to their finance, skill, knowledge involved and the land holding system and very much less efficiency of the existing technologies. The weeder consists of main frame / handle, soil cutter (wedge), spikes, wheel bearing, epicyclic gear train along with gear box to increase the torque for high load application. The weeder is quite simple, effective and the result is immediately observed.

Objectives of Project

1) Development of light weight agriculture rotary cultivator hoe mechanism with flex fine harrow.

2) Development of shaft mounted indexer mechanism to tilt the hoe to desired angle for ridges.

3) Development of parallelogram linkage for motion of rotary hoe to desired location for proper weeding action.

Design and Fabrication of Agricultural Rotary Weeder

Working Principle

Kinematic linkage design and drawing of mechanism for weeder flex- fine. Here the weeder arms or twines are developed with a special angular profile such that they approach the weed roots at an angle where in minimal force is required to remove the weed. Working of the mechanism is such that when motor rotates the gear box drives the twine carriage such that the followers on the twines move resting against the tilt control cam which makes the twines to oscillate while rotating about central axis this action helps to reach the roots of the weeds thereby resulting in desired uprooting of weed and effective weeding. The parallelogram linkage is used for indexing activity meaning to increase the reach of the rotary weeder to given location with help of indexing control screw

Scope of Project

  1. Increases weeding efficiency.
  2. Prevents damages to plants as proper reach of the weeder using parallelogram indexer linkage is achieved
  3. High torque of device permit weeding action effortlessly.
  4. Simple system to implement.
  5. Very low running cost.
  6. Application to open field vegetable, horticulture, floriculture farming sector
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