Design of Machine Elements Important Questions Diploma M Scheme – UNIT 1

Design of Machine Elements Important Questions

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Subject : Design of Machine Elements    Scheme : M



  • The highlighted Questions are asked more than two times in the Board Exam
  • These Questions are collected from Board Examination Question Papers.

1. Define factor of safety for ductile and brittle materials (5marks)

  1. A hydraulic press exerts a total load of 3.5MN. The load is carried by two steel rods supporting the upper heads of the press. If the safe stress is 85MPA and E=210kN/m2. Find (i) diameter of the rods (2) Extension in each rod in a length of 2.5m. (10 marks)
  2. Design a sleeve and cotter joint to transmit a tensile load of 60kN, assuming that all the parts are made of the same materials. The permissible stresses are 60 N/mm2 in tension, 125 N/mm2 in bearing and 70N/mm2 in shear (15 marks)
  3. What are the factors to be considered for the selection of materials for the design of machine elements (5 marks)
  4. Design a knuckle joint to take a load of 140kN for the following permissible stresses 75MPa in tension, 140 MPa in compression and 65MPa in shear. (10 marks)
  5. Explain preffered number with an example.(5 marks)
  6. The head of a steam engine cylinder 500mm diameter is subjected to a pressure of 1N/mm2. The head is held in position by 16 numbers of M30 bolts. A copper gasket is used to make the joint steam tight. Determine the stress induced in the bolt. Assume K = 0.5 (10 marks)
  7. Define creep strain and creep curve (5 marks)
  8. Define stress concentration. Write its causes and remedies. ( 10 marks)
  9. Design a sleeve and cotter joint to withstand a tensile load of 60kN. All parts of the joint are made of the same material and the permissible stresses are given below.

ft = 60 N/mm2, fc = 125 N/mm2, f= 70 N/mm2 (15 marks)

  1. Define maximum shear stress theory and maximum distortion energy theory.(5 marks)
  2. In a steam engine cylinder 0f 300mm diameter the maximum pressure across the piston is 0.65 N/mm2. Determine the diameter of the piston rod, if the maximum tensile or compressive stress on the piston is limited to 40 N/mm2(10 marks)

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