Diploma E Vehicle Technology Study Materials Important Questions and answers

Diploma E Vehicle Technology Study Materials

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Diploma E Vehicle Technology Study Materials

Unit 1 Environmental impact and history: Environmental impact of conventional vehicle – Air pollution – Petroleum resources – History of Electric vehicles & Hybrid Electric Vehicles – Conventional drive train system – Rear Wheel, Front Wheel and All wheel – Parts of Drive train system Types of Electric Vehicles: Introduction to Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) – Definition BEV – Necessity BEV – Different between BEV and Conventional Vehicle – Advantages of BEV – Block diagram of BEV – Hybrid electric Vehicle (HEV) – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) – Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) – Description

Unit 2 Electric Vehicles: Configurations of Electric Vehicle – Performance of Electric Vehicles – Tractive Effort in Normal Driving – energy consumption. Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Concept of Hybrid electric drive trains – Architecture of Hybrid Electric Drive trains – Series, Parallel and Series & Parallel Electric Propulsion Systems: Types of EV motors – DC motor drives– Permanent Magnetic Brush Less DC Motor Drives (BLDC) – Principles, Construction and Working – Hub motor Drive system – Merits and Demerits of DC motor drive, BLDC motor drive

Unit 3 Energy Storages: Electrochemical Batteries – Battery Technologies – Construction and working of Lead Acid Batteries, Nickel Based Batteries and Lithium Based Batteries – Role of Battery Management System (BMS)– Battery pack development Technology– Cell Series and Parallel connection to develop battery pack. Charging: Battery Charging techniques – Constant current and Constant voltage, Trickle charging – Battery Swapping Techniques – DC charging – Wireless charging – Maintenance of Battery pack – Latest development in battery chemistry. Effects and Impacts: Effects of EV – Impacts on Power grid – Impacts on Environment – Impacts on Economy.

Diploma E Vehicle Technology Study Materials
Diploma E Vehicle Technology Study Materials

Unit 4 Electric Mobility Policy Frame Work Government of India Electric Mobility Policy Frame work – Global Scenario of EV adoption – Electric mobility in India – National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 – Action led by Original Equipment Manufacturers – Need of EV Policy – Advantage of EV Eco system – Scope and Applicability of EV Policy – ARAI Standards for Electric Vehicle – AIS 038, AIS 039 &AIS 123 – Key Performance Indicator – Global impact – Trends and Future Developments

Unit 5 Tamil Nadu E-Vehicle Policy 2019 Tamil Nadu E-vehicle Policy 2019: Vehicle Population in Tamil Nadu – Objectives of EV Policy – Policy Measures – Demand side incentives – Supply side incentives to promote EV manufacturing – Revision of Transport Regulation of EV – City building codes – Capacity Building and Skilling – Charging structure – implementing agencies – Reasearch & Development and Business Incubation – Recycling Ecosystem – Battery and EVs

Reference Books 1. Modern Electric, Hybrid Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles, Mehrdad Ehsani, Yimin Gao, Sebastien E.Gay, Ali Emadi, CR Press, London, New York. 2. Comparison of Electric and Conventional Vehicles in Indian Market: Total Cost of Ownership, Consumer Preference and Best Segment for Electric Vehicle (IJSR), Akshat Bansal, Akriti Agarwal 3. A Comprehensive Study of Key Electric Vehicle (EV) Components, Technologies, Challenges, Impacts, and Future Direction of Development (MDPI), Fuad Un-Noor, Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban, Lucian Mihet-Popa, Mohammad Nurunnabi Mollah and Eklas Hossain. 4. Electric Vehicles: A future Projection CII October 2020 report. 5. Design and analysis of aluminum/air battery system for electric vehicles, Shaohua Yang, Harold Knickle, Elsevier. 6. Propelling Electric Vehicles in India, Technical study of Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure 7. ZERO EMISSION VEHICLES (ZEVs): TOWARDS A POLICY FRAMEWORK – NTI Aayog. 8. FASTER ADOPTION OF ELECTRIC VEHICLES IN INDIA: PERSPECTIVE OF CONSUMERS AND INDUSTRY, The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi. 9. India EV Story: Emerging Opportunities by Innovation Norway. 10. Automotive Industry Standards – AIS 038, AIS 039 & AIS 123 – Manual

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