Diploma Measurements and Metrology Tamil and English medium Notes

Diploma Measurements and Metrology Tamil and English medium Notes

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Welcome to Diploma Exam Corner, In this section you can find out the Diploma Measurements and Metrology Question Papers for the February 2022 Board Examination. You can download Diploma Measurements and Metrology Question Papers as pdf.

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Unit 1 BASIC CONCEPTS OF MEASUREMENTS Chapter: 1.1: Introduction Basic units – system concepts used in measuring technology – measuring instruments – length, angles and surface – scope of Metrology – standardization – international standardization, the bureau of Indian standards – legal Metrology – definition – applications – important elements of measurements – methods of measurements – needs for inspection – need for measurement – important terminology.

Chapter: 1.2: Precision and accuracy Precision – definition – accuracy – definition – difference between precision and accuracy – factors affecting the accuracy of the measuring system – general rules for accurate measurements – precautions for use of instruments so as to avoid in accuracy in measurements – reliability – definition – error – definition – sources of errors – classification of error – compare systematic error and random error – selection of measuring instruments – symbols for metallurgical terms (ASME and ISO).

Diploma Measurements and Metrology Tamil and English medium Notes

Unit 2 LINEAR AND ANGULAR MEASUREMENTS Chapter: 2.1: Linear measurements Classification of linear measurement instrument – construction and the principles only – Steel rule – callipers – outside calliper, inside calliper, Jenny caliper – combination set – feeler gauge – pitch screw gauge – Vernier caliper – digital caliper – Vernier height gaugemicrometer – inside micrometer – thread micrometer – optical micrometer – light wave micrometer – possible sources of errors in micrometers – slip gauges – requirements – Indian standard – care and use. Chapter: 2.2: Angular measurements Introduction – vernier bevel protractor – universal bevel protractor – optical bevel protractor. Sine bar – types – uses and limitations – working principle of clinometer, autocollimator, angle dekkor. Comparators – uses – application – classification of comparator – mechanical comparator, optical comparator, electrical comparator, pneumatic comparator – principles – advantages and disadvantages – compare comparator with measuring instruments – compare electrical and mechanical comparators.

Unit 3 – FORM MEASUREMENT Chapter: 3.1: Measurement of screw threads Screw thread terminology – error in thread – measurement of various elements of thread (description only) – thread gauges – classification plug screw gauges, ring screw gauges, caliper gauges – adjustable thread gauge – gauging of taps – function of various types of gauges floating carriage micrometer. Chapter: 3.2: Measurement of gears Introduction – types of gear – gear terminology – gear errors – spur gear measurement – run out, tooth measurement, profile measurement, lead checking , backlash checking, tooth thickness measurement – vernier gear tooth caliper – David brown tangent comparator – constant chord method – measurement of concentricity, alignment checking – Parkinson gear tester – Rolling gear testing machine – radius measurement – radius of circle – surface finish measurement – classification of geometrical irregularities – elements of surface texture – methods of measuring surface finish – measuring surface roughness – tracer type profilogram – double microscope.

Unit 4 ADVANCES IN METROLOGY Chapter: 4.1: Laser Metrology Basic concepts of lasers – types of lasers – uses, advantages and applications – laser telemetric system – laser and LED based distance measuring instruments – scanning laser gauge – photodiode array imaging – diffraction pattern technique – laser triangulation sensors – two frequency laser interferometer – gauging wire diameter from the diffraction pattern formed in laser – interferometry – use of laser in interferometry – interferometer – standard interferometer, single beam interferometer, AC interferometer, Michelson interferometer, dual frequency laser interferometer – Twyman green interferometer – applications. Chapter: 4.2: Computer in Metrology Coordinating measuring machine – introduction – types of measuring machines – types of CMM – futures of CMM – causes of errors in CMM – 3 co-ordinate measuring machine – performance of CMM – applications – advantages disadvantages – computer controlled coordinating measuring machine – mechanical system of computer controlled CMMs – trigger type probe system, measuring type prop system, features of CNC and CMM – features of CMM software – factors affecting CMM – digital devices – Computer based inspection Computer aided inspection using robots.

Unit 5 MEASUREMENT OF MECHANICAL PARAMETERS Chapter: 5.1: Force Measurement of force – Direct methods – equal arm balance, unequal arm balance, multiple lever system, pendulum scale – indirect methods – electromagnetic balance – load cells – hydraulic load cell, pneumatic load cell, strain gauge load cell, shear type load cell, electronic weighing system. Torque measurement – torque measurement using strain gauge – laser optical torque measurement stroboscope for torque measurement. Chapter: 5.2: Measurement of power Mechanical dynamometer – DC dynamometer – inductor dynamometer – hydraulic dynamometer – diaphragm pressure sensor – deform cage with LVDT – diaphragm gauge with strain gauges – piezoelectric sensors. Chapter: 5.3: Measurement of flow Types of flow metres – rotameter, electromagnetic flow metre, hot wire anemometer, ultrasonic flow metre, laser Doppler anemometer (LDA) – reference beam mode, interference French mode.

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