[Last Minute Preparation] Diploma N Scheme Industrial Engineering and Management Important Questions

Diploma N Scheme Industrial Engineering and Management Important Questions

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We have added Diploma N Scheme Industrial Engineering and Management Important Questions  fo all units, You can download Diploma Industrial Engineering and Management Important Questions as PDF

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Diploma N Scheme Industrial Engineering and Management Important Questions
Diploma N Scheme Industrial Engineering and Management Important Questions

Industrial Engineering and Management

marks / marks

Note :

1. Highlighted Questions are asked more than two times

2. These questions are collected from last three years board examination question papers

Unit – 1 Plant Engineering & Plant Safety

  1.    Define Plant Layout.
  2. What is arbitration
  3. Write a short note on process type layout
  4. Compare between Breakdown maintenance & Preventive maintenance.
  5. Name any four factors to be considered for the selection of site for Industry,
  6. Mention the personal factors which increase the risk of accident.
  7. Explain any three factors considered for selection of material handling equipment…
  8. Name the techniques to improve plant layout
  9. state any two causes of machine break down.
  10. what is meant by plant engineering
  11. What is accident proneness?
  12. Explain Collective bargaining.
  13. what is a plant?
  14. state the direct cost of an accident.

14 Marks

  1. Explain the factors influencing plant location (or) factors considered in selection of a plant.
  2.  State the important provisions of Indian factories act 1948 governing safety and health of Workers…..
  3. What are the types of maintenance? Explain any two and state its advantages,
  4. Explain the types of plant layout with line diagram..
  5. Explain Industrial Disputes & its causes
  6. Compare Break down maintenance with preventive maintenance (5 mark)
  7. Explain process layout with line diagram ( 5 mark)
  8. What are the causes and costs of an accident.


  1. What are the methods of increasing Productivity?
  2. Define Method study
  3. Name the allowance which is not used for calculating standard time.
  4. Define Employee Rating factor.
  5. Define Productivity
  6. What is PMTS?
  7. Explain briefly about string diagram,
  8. Describe the procedure in making a time study.
  9. Write any two objectives of work study.
  10. Draw the symbols used for representing temporary storage & storage in process   charts
  11. Explain with Block Diagram how standard time is calculated.
  12. Define allowances
  13. Define Productivity and Standard of living.
  14. What is meant by policy allowance?
  15. State the objectives of Method study

14 Marks

  1. Explain Man- Machine Chart.
  2. Write down the different allowances used in calculating standard time and explain.
  3. Explain Two handed process chart with a neat sketch.
  4. Write Short notes on (i) analytical estimating (ii) synthesis from standard data. (iii) Ratio – Delay study.
  5. What are the various means by which productivity can be increased? Briefly explain each.
  6. Write short notes on (i) Analytical Estimating (ii) Employees Rating Factor
  7. Explain in Detail the steps involved in time study
  8. With a block diagram, Explain how the standard time for a job is determined
  9. Explain the basic procedure of method study
  10. Expalin Various allowances applied to stop watch time study.


  1. Define Management
  2. Define Motivation
  3. Write any two limitations of traditional management
  4. What are the types of Leadership
  5. What is meant by negative motivation?
  6. Write the formula to calculate earnings of the worker by Hasley’s 50% Plan.
  7. What is the difference between Wage & Salary.
  8. Define On- Job Training
  9. Name the different types of Organizations
  10. Define Zero Defect concept
  11. What is JIT?
  12. List the Qualities of a good leader.
  13. Write any four applications of management information system
  14. Explain briefly the sources of recruitment.
  15. What is apprentice training?
  16. Distinguish Between positive motivation & negative motivation.
  17. Explain quality circle

14 Marks

  1. What are the types of Organisation? Explain line and Staff organisation with line diagram.
  2. Briefly explain the functions of a manager.
  3. What are the different types of training available to train the workers and explain in detail.
  4. Explain the Principles of F.W.Taylor’s Scientific Management
  5. Write short notes on (i) Hasley’s plan (ii) Rowan’s Plan (iii) Emerson plan
  6. What are the components of wages? Describe Each of them.
  7. Explain any two types of leadership styles.
  8. Explain the principles of management as by Henry Fayol.

Unit – 4 Financial Management & Material Management.

  1. What are the types of capital?
  2. What is direct material cost?
  3. What is the main aim in material inventory system?
  4. What is meant by factory overhead?
  5. Define Working capital.
  6. What are the different types of debentures?
  7. Define EOQ.
  8. What is reorder level?
  9. Define debentures.
  10. List the objectives of good stock control system.
  11. What are the merits of Equity shares?
  12. Explain the different elements of inventory carrying cost.
  13. Explain reorder level
  14. List the sources of a capital.
  15. Explain Bin card.

10 Marks

  1. Compare preference share, Equity share & debentures (5mark)
  2. Explain Economic order quantity (EOQ) with the help of a neat diagram (5mark)
  3. Explain the Procurement & consumption cycle of stock control system?
  4. Explain the different methods of depreciation.
  5. Explain supply chain management.
  6. Explain by means of a block diagram how the selling price of a product is determined.
  7. What are the objectives of a purchase department? (5mark)
  8. Briefly explain ABC analysis of inventory

Unit 5 

Three Marks
1.what is meant by engieering ethics ?
2.what is meant by personal ethics ?
3.Give example of personal ethics ?
4.what is meant by business ethics ?
5.what is meant by right ethics ?
6.what is meant by duty of ethics ?
7.what is mean by moral ?
8.what is mean by human values ?
9.what is integrity ?
10.what is civic virtue ?
11.write sort notes on sharing ?
12.what is courage as a value ?
13.Define co-operation ?
14.what are commitments ?
15.Define empathy ?
16.What is self confidece ?
17.what character in human values ?
18.what is meant by stress management ?

14 Marks
1.What is the importances of personal ethics ?
2.Explain example of personal ethics ?
3.Explain environment and their impact ?
4.Explain code of ethics ?
5.Explain service learning ?
6.Explain respect others ?
7.Explai value time or time management ?
8.Explain stress management ?

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