Strength of Materials Diploma M Scheme Important questions Unit – 2

Strength of Materials Diploma M Scheme Important questions

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Subject : Strength of Materials 

UNIT – 2, Deformation of Metals             Scheme : M


1. The highlighted Questions are asked more than two times in the Board Exam

  1. These Questions are collected from Board Examination Question Papers.

2/3 marks questions

  1. Define temperature creep.
  2. Define poisson’s ratio.
  3. Distinguish between linear strain and lateral strain
  4. Define proof resilience and modulus of resilience.
  5. Define fatigue strength
  6. What is meant by elastic limit,
  7. Distinguish between factor of safety and load factor.
  8. Define bulk modulus.
  9. Define creep.
  10. Define hardness and list its characteristics.
  11. State Hooke’s law.
  12. What is meant by temperature stress.
  13. Differentiate between repeated loading and cyclic loading.
  14. Define factor of safety.
  15. Define (i) limit of proportionality (ii)Bulk modulus (iii) Poison’s ratio

Strength of Materials Diploma M Scheme Important questions

10 marks questions

  1. A circular bar of length 150mm and diameter of 50mm is subjected to an axial pull of 400kN. The extension in length and contraction in diameter were found to be 0.25mm and 0.02mm respectively after loading. Calculate (i) poisson’s ratio (ii) young’s modulus (iii) modulus of rigidity and (iv) bulk modulus.
  2. A weight of 1400N is dropped onto a collar at the lower end of a vertical bar 3m long and 25mm diameter. Calculate the height of drop, if the maximum instantaneous stress produced is not to exceed 120N/mm2. Take E=0.2X10^6 N/mm^2.
  3. A steel bar of 25mm diameter and a length of 1m is subjected to a pull of 25kN. If E=2×10^5 N/mm^2, find the elongation, decrease in diameter and increase in the volume of the bar. Take m=4
  4. Two vertical wires, each 2.5 mm dia and 5m long jointly support a weigh of 2.5kN. one wire is of steel and the other is of different material .If the wires stretch 6mm elastically, find the load taken by each and the value of young’s modulus for the second wire.the young’s modulus od the steel wire is 2×10^5 N/mm^2
  5. Explain the stress – strain diagram for a mild steel specimen with its salient point parameters.
  6. A bar of steel 28mm diameter and 250mm long is subjected to an axial load of 80kN. It is found that the diameter has contracted by 1/240mm. if the modulus of rigidity is 0.8 x 10^5 N/mm^2. Calculate (i) poisson’s ratio (ii) bulk modulus (iii) youngs modulus.
  7. State and explain the three types of elastic constants.
  8. List out the various alloying elements used in steel and explain their major effects.
  9. List and explain the various mechanical properties of materials.
  10. A mild steel specimen 25mm rod diameter was subjected to an axial pull of 100 kN. An extension of 0.25mm was noted on a gauge length of 300 mm and a decrease in diameter of 0.00595 mm was observed. Find the values of poisson’s ratio and young’s modulus of the material.
  11. A reinforced concrete column 300mm x 450mm has 6 number of 25mm diameter steel bar. Calculate the safe load for the column, if the allowable stress in concrete is 5N/mm^2 and E steel = 15E Concrete.
  12. The modulus of rigidity of a metal is 0.4×10^5 N/mm^2. A 10mm diameter of the metal is subjected to an axial load of 4.9kN. the change in diametr is found to be 1.95×10^-3 mm. calculate the poisson’s ratio, young’s modulus and bulk modulus.

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