Diploma Manufacturing Technology 1 Important 3 Marks

Diploma Manufacturing Technology 1 Important 3 Marks

Unit 1 Casting Processes

Three Marks

  1. Define Pattern
  2. Mention the different pattern materials used for making patterns?
  3. What are the factors considered for selecting pattern materials?
  4. List out the different types of pattern.
  5. What is pattern allowances?
  6. What are the types of pattern allowances?
  7. What is a core print?
  8. Mention the properties of moulding sand.
  9. What is the purpose of Squeezing machines?
  10. What is the purpose of Jolting Machine?
  11. List out the types of moulding.
  12. What is core?
  13. What are the types of core?
  14. Explain Co2 Process of core making?
  15. What is the purpose of core boxes?
  16. Define Casting.
  17. What is Pressure die casting?
  18. What is the use of Gravity die casting?
  19. Explain Chilled Casting
  20. What is continuous casting?
  21. List out the furnaces required to melt non ferrous metals
  22. What are the types of arc furnaces?
  23. Explain Optical Pyrometer.
  24. Explain the working of thermo electric pyrometer
  25. What are the methods involving in cleaning of casting?
  26. Explain tumbling and trimming
  27. What is sand blasting?
  28. List out the defects in casting.
Diploma Manufacturing Technology 1 Important 3 Marks
Diploma Manufacturing Technology 1 Important 3 Marks

Unit 2 Joining Process Chapter 2.1 Arc Welding

  1. Define Welding
  2. Write short notes on MIG & TIG
  3. What is Plasma?
  4. Give short notes on Plasma Arc Welding
  5. Explain Electro Slag welding?

Chapter 2.2 Gas Welding

  1. Define Gas welding
  2. Draw Gas welding equipment
  3. Mention the three types of flames.
  4. Write a note on Carburizing and Oxidizing flame.
  5. What is Reducing Flame?
  6. What is thermit mixture?
  7. Explain Thermit welding
  8. Write a note on resistance Welding
  9. Explain soldering
  10. Write short notes on Brazing
  11. Explain Spot welding
  12. What is Solid State Welding?
  13. What is Explosive Cladding?
  14. Mention the types of Welded Joints.
  15. Classify the types of Non Destructive Tests
  16. Explain about Magnetic Particle test
  17. Mention few defects in Welding


Chapter 3.1 Forming

  1. What is Hot working?
  2. What is Cold working?
  3. Mention the types of hot working process.
  4. Define Upset forging.
  5. What is rolling?
  6. Mention the different types of press.
  7. What are the types of Bending operations
  8. Explain Lancing
  9. Define Notching
  10. What is angle bending
  11. What is Piercing?
  12. Explain Blanking.

Chapter 3.2 Heat Treatment

  1. Explain Heat treatment Process
  2. Define process annealing
  3. What is stress relief annealing 
  4. Define spherodising annealing
  5. What is isothermal annealing?
  6. Explain normalizing.
  7. What is hardening?
  8. Write short notes on tempering
  9. What is case hardening ?
  10. What is cyaniding?
  11. Define nitriding Process
  12. What is induction hardening?
  13. What is flame hardening?


Chapter 4.1 Plastic Components

  1. Mention the types of Plastics
  2. Explain thermosets.
  3. What is Elastomers?
  4. what is liquid crystal polymers?
  5. Define polymers.

Chapter: 4.2: Processing of Plastics

  1. Write a note on Extrusion.
  2. What are the general features of single screw extrusion?
  3. List out the types of Injection moulding.
  4. Write a note on Plunger type Moulding Machine
  5. What is sandwich moulding?
  6. Explain Gas injection moulding
  7. Write a note on rotational Moulding

Chapter: 4.3: Powder Metallurgy

  1. Mention the Methods of manufacturing metal powders
  2. Define atomization.
  3. What is Electrolysis deposition?
  4. Explain Sintering
  5. What is infiltration?
  6. Write short notes on Sizing and compacting.


Chapter: 5.1: Centre Lathe

  1. What is center lathe?
  2. Mention few parts in lathe.
  3. What is lead screw?
  4. What is apron mechanism?
  5. Explain automatic feed.
  6. Mention the types of working holding devices.
  7. What is face plate?
  8. What is catch plate?
  9. Mention few operations in lathe
  10. What is feed?
  11. What is boring?
  12. What is feed and depth of cut?

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