Diploma Manufacturing Technology 1 Previous Year Question Papers

Diploma Manufacturing Technology 1 Previous Year Question Papers

Dear Students Welcome to Diploma Exam Corner, In this section you can find out the Diploma Manufacturing Technology 1 Previous Year Question paper with answer key for the February 2022 Board Examination. You can download DiplomaManufacturing Technology 1 Papers as pdf.

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Unit 1 CASTING PROCESSES Chapter: 1.1: Patterns Definition – pattern materials – factors for selecting pattern materials – Types of Pattern – solid piece, split patterns, loose piece, match plate, sweep, skeleton, segmental, shell – pattern allowances – core prints. Chapter: 1.2: Moulding Definition – moulding boxes, moulding sand – ingredients – silica – clay – moisture and miscellaneous materials – properties of moulding sand – sand additives – moulding sand preparation – moulding tools – mixing – tempering and conditioning – types of moulding – green sand – dry sand – machine moulding –Top and bottom squeezer machines – Jolting machines – sand slinger- core – CO2 core making – types of core – core boxes. Chapter: 1.3: Casting Definition – sand casting using green sand and dry sand – gravity die casting – pressure die casting – hot and cold chamber processes – centrifugal casting – continuous casting – chilled casting – malleable casting – melting of cast iron – cupola furnace – melting of nonferrous metals – crucible furnace melting of steel – arc furnaces – induction furnaces – instrument for measuring temperature – optical pyrometer – thermo electric pyrometer – cleaning of casting – tumbling, trimming, sand and shot blasting – defects in casting – causes and remedies – safety practices in foundry. Unit 2 JOINING PROCESSES Chapter: 2.1: Arc Welding Definition – arc welding equipment – arc welding methods – carbon arc, metal arc, Metal Inert gas (MIG), Tungsten inert gas (TIG), Atomic hydrogen, Plasma arc, Submerged arc and Electro slag welding. Chapter: 2.2: Gas welding Definition Gas Welding Equipment– Oxy and acetylene welding – Three types of flame– resistance welding – classification of resistance welding – butt – spot – seam – projection welding – welding related processes – oxy and acetylene cutting – arc cutting – hard facing bronze welding – soldering and brazing special welding processes – cast iron welding – thermit welding – solid slate welding, ultrasonic, diffusion and explosive welding – explosive cladding – modern welding, electron beam and laser beam welding – types of welded joints – merits and demerits of welded joints – inspection and testing of welded joints – destructive and nondestructive types of tests – magnetic particle test – radiographic and ultrasonic test defects in welding – causes and remedies – safety practices in welding . BULK DEFORMATION PROCESSES AND HEAT TREATMENT Chapter: 3.1: Forming Hot working, cold working – advantages of hot working and cold working– hot working operations – rolling, forging, smith forging, drop forging, upset forging, press forging – roll forging Press working : Types of presses – Mechanical and Hydraulic presses – press tool and accessories – press working operations – bending operations – angle bending – curling – drawing – shearing operations – blanking, piercing, trimming – notching – lancing. Chapter: 3.2: Heat treatment Heat treatment processes – purpose – procedures – applications of various heat treatment processes – Iron – carbon equilibrium diagram – full annealing – process annealing stress relief annealing – spherodising annealing – isothermal annealing – normalizing – hardening – tempering – quenching medium – different types and their relative merits – case hardening – pack carburizing – cyaniding – nitriding – induction hardening and flame hardening.

Diploma Manufacturing Technology 1 Question Papers
Diploma Manufacturing Technology 1 Question Papers

Unit – 4 MANUFACTURING OF PLASTIC COMPONENTS AND POWDER METALLURGY Chapter: 4.1: Plastic Components Types of plastics-Engineering plastics – thermosets – composite – structural foam, elastomers – polymer alloys and liquid crystal polymers. Chapter: 4.2: Processing of Plastics Extrusion-general features of single screw extrusion – twin screw extruders and types-Injection moulding types : Plunger type.- Reciprocating screw injection – details of injection mould – structural foam injection mould – sandwich moulding – gas injection moulding – injection moulding of thermosetting materials calendaring and rotational moulding. Design consideration for plastic components. Chapter: 4.3: Powder Metallurgy Methods of manufacturing metal powders – atomization, reduction and electrolysis deposition – compacting – sintering – sizing – infiltration – mechanical properties of parts made by powder metallurgy – design rules for the power metallurgy process. Unit – 5 CENTRE LATHE AND SPECIAL PURPOSE LATHES Chapter: 5.1: Centre Lathe Centre lathe: specifications – simple sketch with principal parts. Head stock: back geared type – all geared type – description only. Working principle of tumbler gear mechanism, quick change gear box, apron mechanism, carriage cross slide. Feed mechanism: automatic feed, longitudinal feed and cross feed. Construction and working of tail stock. work holding device: face plate – three jaw chuck – four jaw chuck – catch plate and carrier – center. Operations: straight turning – step turning – taper turning – knurling-Thread cutting – Facing – Boring – chamfering. Cutting speed – feed – depth of cut. Chapter: 5.2: Semi-Automatic Lathes Types of semi-automatic lathes – capstan and turret lathes – difference between turret and capstan. Chapter: 5.3: Automatic Lathes Automatic lathe – Construction and working principle of single spindle automatic lathe – automatic screw cutting machines – multi spindle automatic lathes.

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