Diploma Production and Quality Management Study Materials Unit 1 three marks

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Diploma Production and Quality Management study notes, Diploma Production and Quality Management Class notes

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Production Quality and Management

Unit 1 Process Planning and Selection Three marks

  1. 1. List out any three activities of process planning
    1. List of operations to be done
    2. Sequence of Operations
    3. Specification of machines
  2. 2. What is Process planning?
    1. Process Planning determines the most economical method of production process. Sequence of operations, machines, cutting tools, cutting speed, feeds, time required, material required grade of worker are planned
  3. 3. What is Process Sheet?
    • Process sheet shows description of operation, machine code, tools code, labour code, cutting speed, feed, set up time and time required for operation
  4. 4. Enumerate any three factors that influence process planning
    • Volume of production
    • Delivery dates for products
    • Specification of machines used
  5. 5. Write the steps involved in the procedure of process planning
    1. Preparation and study of working drawing
    2. Taking “make or buy decision”
    3. Selection of manufacturing processes
    4. Selection of machine and equipment
    5. Selection of Bill of material and preparing bill of material
  6. 6. List out the factors considered in make or buy decision
    1. The factors considered in make or buy decision are
    2. 1. Cost factor
    3. 2. Available plant capacity
    4. 3.Quality factor
    5. 4. Patents
    6. 5. Design secrecy
    7. 6. Reliability of suppliers
    8. 7.Specalised knowledge of the supplier
    9. 8. Seasonal Demands
  7. 7. Mention the components of fixed cost
    1. Fixed cost remains constant. This does not depend upon quantity of production. Fixed cost includes the following
    2. 1. Tooling and setup cost
    3. 2. Interest on investment
    4. 3. Depreciation cost
    5. 4. Rent of Building
    6. 5. Insurance charges
  8. 8. Enumerate the aims of value analysis
    1. The aims of value engineering is to generate ideas to
    2. 1. simplify the product
    3. 2. Modify and improve product design
    4. 3. Use cheaper and better materials
    5. 4. Use efficient processes
    6. 5. reduce product cost
    7. 6. Increase utility of products
  9. 9. why line balancing is necessary?
    1. Line balancing is necessary because line balancing is to distribute the work evenly to all the workstations. This will minimize the idle time of men and machines. This will increase productivity and give maximum output with limited investment
  10. 10. list out the advantages of computer aided process planning. (CAPP)
    1. 1. CAPP reduces the process planning time
    2. 2. It increases productivity
    3. 3. Planner need not be highly skilled
    4. 4.The plan will be very much consistent
    5. 5. The plan will be more accurate
    6. 6. Planning cost and manufacturing cost are reduced
    7. Diploma Production and Quality Management study material
      Diploma Production and Quality Management study material
  11. 11. When to do value analysis? Give three situations
    1. Value analysis is applied to new products at the design stage. Thus it aims at prevention rather than elimination. Value engineering ensures that products are produced at minimum cost without sacrificing quality, utility and reliability
  12. 12. List out the steps followed in value analysis
    1.             1. Product identification
    2.             2. Information collection
    3.             3. Defining functions
    4.             4. Creating different alternatives 
    5.             5. Critical examination of alternatives
    6.             6. Developing alternatives
    7.             7. Implementing alternatives 
  13. 13. State the three functions for a product
  14.             1. Primary function 
  15.             2. Secondary function 
  16.             3. Tertiary function 
  17. 14. Define Value Engineering 
  18.       Value engineering is a cost reducing technique. The main aim of value Engineering is to remove unnecessary features of the component. This is for making cheaper product. At same time the product usage is maintained 
  19. 15. List out three advantages of generative process planning
  20.       1. It generates the process plants quickly and constantly 
  21.       2. It can generate the process plan easily for both new component and old component.
  22.       3 .It can be easily interfaced with an automated manufacturing facility 
  23. 16. Mention the important steps of generative process planning
  24.        1. Describe the details of the component 
  25.        2. Describe the various processes available to produce the component 
  26.        3. Describe the various machine tools in which the processes can be performed
  27.        4. Select or create a software to inspect the component and process, to find out the availability of machines  
  28. 17. Explain Break Even Quantity
    1.        Make or Buy decision is the main function of product planning. Here decision is made about which parts are to be made in the factory and which parts are to be bought from outside 
  29. 18. What is Variable cost?
  30.        Variable varies proportionality to the quantity produced. It increases if the quantity of production increases Eg. Material Cost
  31. 19. What do you mean by Brain Storming?
  32.        Brain storming is the process of getting ideas suggested by team members. Ideas may be practicable or not. Ideas are listed without omitting any one. Team members are encouraged to give their ideas frankly 
  33. 20. What is generative process planning?
  34.        Generative process plan is a process plan that is automatically generated by a computer system. This is done for a new component. All the details of the new component are fed to the computer system. 
  35. 21. What is Cost control?
  36.        Cost control refers to all the activities taken to see that cost of production does not exceed the already estimated cost.
  37. 22. What is cost reduction?
  38.        The main aim of cost reduction is “cost saving”. Cost already estimated is questioned to reduce cost saving activities with reference to men, material and machine are taken 
  39. 23. What is process selection?
  40.        Process selection is the selecting the various production methods for converting raw material into finished product by an economical manner. In process selection, product quantity, quality and production rate are considered. 
  41. 24. What is machine capacity?
  42.        Machine capacity is the time available for operation at a machine. This is expressed in terms of machine hours. For example, If a machine works one hour, it is called 1 machine. For one day of three shifts, the machine has a maximum capacity of 24 machine hours (1shift = 8 hours, 8 x 3 = 24 hours)


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