Diploma Manufacturing Technology 2 Three Marks Unit 1

Diploma Manufacturing Technology 2 Three Marks

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Diploma Manufacturing Technology 2 Three Marks

Unit 1 – Theory of Metal Cutting

Three Marks

  1. 1. What is Non Cutting Shaping Process?
    1. In non cutting shaping Process, the metal is shaped under the action of heat, pressure or both. In non cutting shaping process, there is no chip formation. This group includes operations like forging, Drawing, spinning, rolling and extruding
  2. 2. What is cutting shaping process?
    1. In cutting shaping process, the required shape of metal is obtained by removing the unwanted material from the workpiece in the form of chips. Turning, Boring, Milling, Drilling, Shaping are the few important processes in metal cutting processes

3. List the important factors for selection of a cutting tool

  1. The volume of production
  2. Type of machining process
  3. Tool design
  4. Physical properties of work material
  5. General condition of the machine

4. List the properties of Cutting Tool material

  1. Hot hardness
  2. Wear resistance
  3. Toughness
  4. Low friction
  5. Toughness
  6. Low friction
  7. Low cost

5. Explain Hot hardness

Hot hardness is the ability of the cutting tool to maintain its hardness to cut the work material even at high temperature

6. What is wear resistance?

wear resistance is the ability to resist wear or to resist constant abrasion of the workpiece while cutting

7. Mention the different cutting tool materials

  1. Carbon steel
  2. Medium alloy steels
  3. High speed steel (H.S.S)
  4. Stellites
  5. Carbides
  6. Ceramics
  7. Diamond

8. What are the types of High Speed Steel (H.S.S)?

  1. 18-4-1 High sped steel
  2. Molybdenum high speed steel
  3. Cobalt high speed steel

9.Mention the % of carbon content in Carbon steel and High speed steel?

% of carbon content in Carbon steel = 0.8 % to 1.15%

% of carbon content in High speed steel = 0.7%

10. What is 18-4-1 High speed steel?

18-4-1 High speed steel (H.S.S) has 18% Tungsten, 4% Carbon, 1% Vanadium

Diploma Manufacturing Technology 2 Three Marks
Diploma Manufacturing Technology 2 Three Marks

11. What is Stellite? Specify the constiuents of stellite?

Stellite is a non ferrous cast alloy. It has cobalt – 45%, Chromium – 35%, Tungsten – 15%, Carbon – 2 %. The cutting speed of stellite is 2 times higher than high speed steel

12. Mention the applications of stellite

Stellite Cutting tool is used to cut hard rubber and plastics

13. Explain Ceramic tools

Ceramic tool consists of aluminium oxide. Aluminium oxide powder is pressed in moulds at high pressures and sintered at 2200C. Ceramic tools have high hot hardness and compressive strength. The cutting speed of Ceramic tool is 40 times higher than high speed steel

14. What is orthogonal cutting?

In orthogonal cutting the cutting face of the tool is at 90 degree to the direction of the tool travel.

15. What is oblique cutting?

In Oblique cutting, the cutting face of the tool is inclined at less than 90 degree to the path of the tool, the cutting action is called Oblique cutting

16. What is nose of cutting tool?

Nose is the junction of side and end cutting edges

17. Define lip angle

Lip angle is also called cutting angle. It is the angle between the face and end surface of the tool

18. What is Clearance angle?

Clearance angle is also called relief angle. These are the slopes downwards from the cutting edges of the the tool

19. Mention the different types of chips?

  1. Continuous chip
  2. Dis-Continuous chip
  3. Chip with built up edge.
  4. 20. What is tool wear?
    1. Tool wear is blunting of cutting edges of the tool. Wear Cn take place at face, flank or nose of the tool
  5. 21. Define tool life
    1. Tool life is the life of a tool will operate satisfactorily until it becomes blunt or It is the time between two successive grinds
  6. 22. List any three factors that influence tool’s life
    1. 1.Cutting speed
    2. 2. Tool material
    3. 3. Coolant

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